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Are you ready for even more out of your life?


When was the last time you felt unstoppable, exhilarating, and completely capable of tackling anything? In just a few hours, you can begin to transform your life and learn to be free of limiting beliefs. Learn to not just feel emotions but also understand what the purpose of those emotions are. Start the new year feeling strong and empowered. You can conquer anything life brings your way, and become part of something big and life changing for someone else in the process.

If you are ready to take your life to a new level, contact Elvisa today to schedule your complimentary coaching session.

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Businesses I've Worked With

            Ariel's Youth Camp


    "Elvisa is an outstanding coach and relationship expert. She has the gift to inspire. She has many team building leadership skills and can facilitate both fear and stress related metaphors (i.e.) firewalking, board breaking, "glass walking and many others. I would not hesitate to use her for motivational or inspirational purposes." —Dave


    "This was such a wonderful experience. I never imagined I could walk on fire, break an arrow or walk on glass. I am forever grateful for Elvisa." —Sonja

  • "Elvisa was instrumental in helping me breakthrough a sub conscious fear that had altered my life. Her style of coaching is loving and powerful. Thank you, Elivsa!" —Alexandra Sofia Folesteanu
  • "It's amazing how a change of internals will make a difference in your beliefs and fears. ." —Ernie